Alyssa Taylor Wendt (NY) og Gavin Peacock (Brighton): Meiosis - in the Landscape

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Alyssa Taylor Wendt (NY) og Gavin Peacock (Brighton): Meiosis - in the Landscape
fredag 20. mars kl. 19:00 på Babel
Babel har gleden av å kunne presentere arbeider av Alyssa Taylor Wendt (NY) og Gavin Peacock (Brighton). Alyssa og Gavin er aktive kunstnerne som begge springer ut av ulike fotografiske tradisjoner. De forholder seg tematisk og formalt svært ulikt i sine undersøkelser av kunsten, samfunnet og menneskesinnet.
The position of an artmaker is one of privilege to be honored and used actively. We have the unique opportunity to encourage, criticize, amuse, engage, provoke and influence social constructs with our ideas and work. The medium of the art world has become an investment for some and a platform for others. How can we use this opportunity to engage our agency for a critical cultural dialogue and engagement?” Alyssa Taylor Wendt
”Due to interests in both art and photography the manner with which artwork is documented fascinates me. I am always enthralled by archive photographs of artists at work, their studios, exhibition installations, models, etc. Sometimes I prefer the documentation of work to the work itself. I started to explore the latency in the modular forms and production processes of my own work, and through this the relationship between the role of the artist and audiences. As the work became more ephemeral and transitory in nature it was paramount that the documentation captured differing aspects of the work, and thus differing narratives and histories of the work. The multiple viewpoints were now concerned with time as well as space so video became a vital part of documentation. Through this ongoing process I have become increasingly interested in the notion of documentation as art work in itself, not just the simple recording of an object or event. I am currently interested in the discovery and exploration of a place through the process of making work in that place.” Gavin Peacock
”The photographic images of my foundation work create a dialogue between the dark subversive humor of the disquiet in the everyday and the lingering folds of deeper psychodrama and imbalanced resolutions. I have been staging photographs and videos as allegories of experience and mythologizing fragmented human rituals and material detritus into provocative and magical tableaus. Presented like a Wunderkammer, images provoke imaginative references to myth, using cinematic tropes, props and symbolic languages. My work has evolved from the fantastical into more complicated subjects within the realm of the personal and political. I use mythological imagery to embody this fragmentation of traditional, placing the tableau in an ahistorical setting. My aim is to arrest the viewer and take them into an environment where one can project a variety of nuances, memory and associations to interpret the narrative within universal social constructs. ” Alyssa Taylor Wendt
mer om Gavin Peacock: mer om Alyssa Taylor Wendt:
20 -29 mars 2009 Babel visningsrom for kunst Mellomveien 4 Trondheim
Åpningstider lørdag-søndag 12-16, torsdag-fredag 14-18

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